Best blue salt rock lamp to buy

Salt lamps are the really cool thing to keep in your home. These salt lamps come with different colors like red, white, orange and blue. But, in nature, there are only two types of rock salt exists. They are orange and white, the red or blue salt lamp you see is actually not blue. Either they use blue color bulb inside the lamp or they add blue color die to the salt lamp. Sometimes the orange color of the rock salt may be dark, you can say red color. But, not pure red color. Don’t be in the misconception that blue salt rock lamp does exist.

blue salt rock lamp

Where to buy a blue salt rock lamp?

If you want to buy a blue salt rock lamp, the best place is the Amazon to buy a salt lamp. As because Amazon is trusted and there are many sellers who are selling Himalayan salt lamp for more than years. Besides Amazon, you can definitely find a blue salt rock lamp in a supermarket.

Blue salt lamp benefits

Its blue color is so calming. You will love to have this in your office.

Final thoughts on blue salt rock lamp

Don’t worry if you couldn’t find a blue salt lamp. Buy a simple Himalayan salt lamp from Amazon and turn it into a blue salt lamp. All you need to do is change the bulb inside the lamp. By changing the color of the bulb, you can get any desired color salt lamp. Keep in mind that salt lamps are hygroscopic and the bulb inside get damaged easily. So, you need to keep on changing the salt lamp bulb time to time.

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