diy himalayan salt lamp

DIY salt lamp at home

Salt Lamps are cute looking lamps made with Himalayan rock salt. They look very coming and have psychological effects on body and mind.

If you are thinking of buying a salt lamp for your home or office. Wait! This DIY tutorial will show you how to create a salt lamp at your home without spending much. A normal Himalayan salt lamp may cost you $20 to $50 dollars.

But, this DIY salt lamp tutorial will help you to build a low cost salt lamp at home.

Things we need for a DIY salt lamp

Things we need to build a salt lamp.

1.Two glass/fiber vessels (transparent). One small and another one just little big so that one can be easily placed inside another.

2.One pack of Himalayan Pink Salt (it costs around $5)

That’s all we need to build a salt lamp.

DIY salt lamp with glass/fiber vessel

Take two glass/fiber vessels and place one inside another as shown below.

diy salt lamp candle

Now tear the pink salt packet and fill the outer glass with pink salt.

You can use a paper roll to cover the inner glass vessel so that salt crystals do not drop in the inner vessel. Make it simple and easier your own way.

diy salt lamp

Your DIY salt lamp is Ready

It is ready and now adjust the salt in the glass vessel. Adjust any overlapping or coming out salt with a pen/pencil/stick.

diy salt lamp at home

It is very easy to build a salt lamp at home.

You can use this salt lamp as a candle holder. Place a candle inside the glass vessel and purify your air.

Salt lamps are said to create negative ions which help in neutralizing the positive ions produced in our body.

How does this DIY salt lamp works?

You may be wondering how does this salt lamp will work. It is simple, the heat generated by the candle place inside will melt the salt. The salt vapor will trap dust, produce negative ions thus neutralizing the surroundings.

You can also buy salt lamps directly from Amazon. If you want to buy from Amazon, consider reading our reviews.

The best salt lamps available on Amazon.

DIY Himalayan salt tea light holder

You can also build nice looking DIY Himalayan salt tea light holder at home.

All you need is glass jar and edible Himalayan pink salt.

diy salt lamp

DIY salt candle can be used anywhere.

Keep in your living room, drawing room or your little one’s room.

It really helps in making the environment calm.

some even use it as an alternative to dim light at night.

Final thoughts on DIY salt lamp

diy pink salt lamp

It is easy to make a salt lamp at home. If you are searching for a salt lamp or salt lamp is not available in your area. Then, this DIY tutorial will be best for you to build a salt lamp from household material.

Himalayan salt lamps can be found in any supermarket. They are available online to buy.

You can either buy or try to build by yourself with this DIY salt lamp tutorial.


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