fake salt lamp

How to identify fake salt lamp?

There is fake salt lamp in the market. As the popularity and demand are growing for Himalayan salt lamps, the number of fake salt lamps is increasing. You should know how to identify those fake salt rock lamps. Genuine or 100% natural salt lamps are from the rocks of Himalayan, mostly are from Pakistan and India. These lamps are hand carved and sold to different parts of the worlds.

Genuine VS fake salt lamp

The sad part of the identifying fake salt lamp is that there is no such certification system which gives assurance to be the 100% natural rock salt. But, there are some external investigations we can do to identify a fake salt lamp.

Real Himalayan Salt Lamp

Fake salt lamp

Rough surface Smooth surface
Hand carved Machine used
Do not melt easily Melt easily
Natural salt lamps are mostly from Himalayan area Fake salt lamps are from other parts of the world. See the tag, if you get any clue.

There are also other methods like chemical tests. But in reality, it can not be done while purchasing a salt lamp from a store.

Final thoughts on fake salt lamp

If are too much confused. How to find an ideal salt lamp? How to identify it as genuine? Don’t worry, there are some international sellers which are dominant in Himalayan salt lamp business and they have been selling for years. Some of such sellers are WBM and Crystal Allies. You will find their products on Amazon. They sell from Table salt lamps to salt lamp candle holders. If can check our previous reviews of  WBM Himalayan Salt Lamp.

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