Himalayan Salt Lamp for Car

Are you searching for a solution for the dust and positive ions that are invading your car? We have an answer to your problem. Himalayan salt lamp for car which can help to keep your car out of dust. These salt lamps are actually hygroscopic in nature. Dust particles stick to the salt lamp and make the air fresher.

Salt lamps come with different sizes. A salt lamp less than 5 inches will be better for you. In addition to air purification, salt lamps can also be used as a decoration piece. The LED light inside the salt lamps can change the environment inside your car.

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Himalayan salt lamp for car

Before you buy a USB salt lamp for your car, you should mind following—

Weight and size of the salt lamp 

Weight should not be very less or very high. It should not weigh less to fall off when your car accelerates. Also, it should be heavy enough to damage your car.

Salt lamps come with different sizes ranging from 2 inches to 10 inches. A salt lamp less than 5 inches will be better for a car.

USB Cord 

Salt lamps come with USB cord or without USB cord. You should choose the Himalayan salt lamp with a USB cord.

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Final Thoughts on Himalayan salt lamp for car

Best way to find a Himalayan salt lamp for car is to search in the supermarket or in Amazon online. Salt lamps are not effective as an electric ionizer, but the psychological effect of a salt lamp is more than an ionizer. Himalayan salt lamps are one of the best in removing dust from the air.

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