Lava salt lamp of Himalaya

lava salt lamp are actually the rock salts found in Himalayan region. It is actually made from the lava of the active volcanos. lava salt lampBut it happened centuries ago. These orange colour beautiful lamps not just a piece of decor, they have healing properties too. Some people have claimed to be get cured of asthma.

These lava salts do emit negative ions which help in reducing the positive ions that are produced by our electronic gadgets. If you have kids in your home these lava salt lamps are highly recommended as they do have psychological effects on the mind. The

Benefits of lava salt lamp 

it is said to have many benefits of Himalayan salt lamp. There is no proved evidence of salt lamp having any calming effect on our brain. But, it does release a few negative ions in the surrounding which may bring down the positive ions.


lava salt lamp in market

Salt lamps can be found in any supermarket. Amazon has the largest collection of these Himalayan lava salt lamps.

crystal allies salt lamp basketCrystal Allies Gallery Natural Himalayan Salt Wire Mesh Basket Lamp 15 watts7"x6"x6"
crystal decor natural Himalayan salt lampCrystal decor natural Himalayan salt lamp in star design metal basket 15 watts5"x5"x5"
indus classic himalayan salt lampsIndus Classic Himalayan Pyramid shaped Salt Lamp 15 watts6''x6''x7''
hand carved himalayan natural crystal lampHand carved Himalayan natural crystal lamp15 watts7.5''x5''x5''
himalayan salt lamp basketCrystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Angel Design Metal Basket 15 watts5"x5"x5"
himalayan salt candle holderHimalayan salt candle holderNot applicable3.8''x3.8''x3.9''
white himalayan salt lampWhite Himalayan salt lamp15 watts5.2''x5.2''x8''


Choosing the best lava salt lamp

You should be very cautious while choosing the salt lamp. The most important difference between Natural salt lamp and an artificial salt lamp is that natural salt lamp doesn’t get melted easily while open and they are hygroscopic in nature.

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