Best salt lamp cord with dimmer switch

As the salt lamp is hygroscopic, it easily damages the salt lamp cord. After the damage of original cord, you don’t need to purchase a brand new lamp, you can just replace it with a new cord. Then, It will work fine without any problem. The combination of new cord and new bulbs needs to be perfect giving you a wider range of light intensity when using the dimmer on the cord.

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Best Himalayan salt lamp replacement cords


WBM SPT2 Himalayan Light Original Replacement Cord with Dimmer switch
WBM SPT2 Himalayan Light Original Replacement Cord

WBM Original Replacement Cord with dimmer and base assembly for all WBM Himalayan light models ranging from 1001 to 1313

While choosing a cord you must be extra careful as some cords are extremely dangerous. Sometimes the electric outlet and the dimmer explodes off due to faulty loose cords.

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HemingWeigh 6′ Salt Lamp Cord with Dimmer Switch

HemingWeigh 6' Salt Lamp Cord with Dimmer Switch

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Cord set designed especially for use in Himalayan Salt Lamps, Selenite Lamps, and other lighting applications
Butterfly clip to fit a range of hole diameters. 6 Foot Long Cord features a handy dimmer switch, so you can set the amount of light you want. 18 AWG Cable | E12 Socket. Cord is UL Listed and CE Certified

This HemingWeigh Lamp Cord is designed for salt lamps, selenite lamps, as well as other lighting applications.

Cord Features:
– Wire butterfly clip fits a range of hole diameters
– Cord is UL listed and CE certified
– Has a cord that is 6 Feet long with an attached E12 size socket. Made for 110V and max 15W bulb
– Cord has a dimmer switch with a turn to adjust dial to give you maximum control over how much light you’d like

This was exactly what you are searching for your salt rock lamps. If your previous cord blew a fuse or wire in the cord. This is so easy that a child could do it while playing indoor.You will find this cord is far more superior than the original that comes with original Hemingway Weigh salt lamp. These lamps are simply gorgeous and that will end up ordering many sizes and shapes. Such a pretty glow for night time around your home and just a simple different look from the ordinary. Love a good purchase has that is functional and affordable.

This cord may not work in WBM salt lamp as This one is more for the solid lamps where the bulb needs to be pushed up into the lamp and held with the wire prongs which is not present in WBM salt lamps.


TGS Gems Himalayan Salt Lamp Cord with Dimmer Switch

TGS Gems Himalayan Salt Lamp Cord with Dimmer Switch

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Original Cord with Dimmer Switch that can help you control the brightness of the lamp. TGS cords are UL certified standard cords. Butterfly clip design to Fit a Range of Hole Diameters also applies to our various types of salt lamps
It would be a perfect replacement cord for your Salt Lamp. Cord designed especially to Himalayan salt lamps can also be used for other lamps.


This cord with dimmer switch is a good replacement for any non-dimmable light cord. The cord is heavier gauge wire insulation then the original. The cord is about 6′ long and the switch is about 14-15″ away from the light bulb socket. To adjust the bulb brightness, you rotate the knob on the switch. It comes with a 25 watt bulb.

Note: What is great about this replacement cord with dimmer switch is that the bulb should last MUCH longer if you keep the bulb at about 1/2 of full brightness or so. The bulb filament is thicker than the standard 15 watt bulbs that burn out after a few weeks. I suggest buying a larger watt bulb (25 watt is good) for that reason and just turn the brightness down. You will get good heat from it and that is what is most important with salt lamps.

I had purchased a salt lamp a few months ago and regrettably, the light exploded ruining the light socket and a little of my counter. The lamp was fine, so the only way to enjoy it is to find a replacement cord. I searched and came across this one. I wanted one that looked like the one I was replacing.

You will be pleased because it looks just like the original cord. It functions perfectly and there is no chance of any explosions due to short circuit. You can buy this piece and use for quite long time. You will be thrilled to use this cord in salt lamp again. It has a dimmer switch which is invaluable if you have a salt lamp.


Creative Hobbies Single Light salt Lamp Cord with dimmer switch

Creative Hobbies Single Light salt Lamp Cord


This cord is perfect for lighting ceramic houses, tree, or any craft project.
Completely assembled 6 foot long white cord with On/Off Switch and fused end plug- ready to use!
Socket is E12 (C7 Candelabra base) and clips into any hole 1 inch in diameter
The light bulb is 5 watt, clear, steady burning E12 candelabra base.

These brand new lamp cords are ready to use, simply plug in and enjoy! Absolutely no wiring experience needed! These salt lamp cords make it easy to light up small villages, Christmas scenes, pumpkins, night lights, and more. Completely assembled with On/Off Switch and molded end plug- ready to use! Sockets are candelabra base light bulbs and clip into any hole 1″ in diameter. White SPT-1 cord length is 6 feet long. On/off switch is 18″ from the plug end. The light bulbs are 5 watts, clear, steady burning candelabra base.


I have a ceramic Blessed Mother that belonged to my Grandmother, then my Aunt Rose, and finally, my Mother. The lamp hasn’t worked for a while, even after replacing the fuse and the bulb. This lamp fits perfectly and works like a champ. I leave it on continuously, in memory of the four most important women in my life.

JD Gems White Himalayan Salt Lamp Cord with Dimmer Switch

JD Gems White Himalayan Salt Lamp Cord with Dimmer


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Salt lamp cord with a dimmer switch can adjust the brightness according to your request. This salt lamp cord is ul-listed. With a 15 watt flame type bulbs. This cord suitable for majority salt lamp. Butterfly clip design to fit a range of hole diameters also applies to various types of salt lamps.


Steadfast Lighting Salt Lamp Cord with Dimmer switch


Steadfast Lighting Salt Lamp Cord with Dimmer


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This salt lamp cord comes with a Butterfly Clip to Fit a Range of Hole Diameters. Butterfly clips are strong and durable to hold the bulb in the salt lamp base.  Your salt lamp base may be metallic or a wooden base and this work like a charm with any base. Made with a Handy Dimmer Switch which can adjust the light intensity like any salt lamp cord with dimmer switch. Most importantly this Steadfast Lighting Salt Lamp Cord is CE Certified, you don’t have to worry about it. Along with above features, it is 2 Pins US Plug 59in Long SPT-2 Cord and with
E12 Lamp Holder.

If you have a salt lamp with a damaged cord and if you are searching for a new one. This salt lamp cord is best to replace the one that came with our original product. The switch unit looks a little different than the original but functions exactly the same. The original set exhibited no issues with overheating, nor does this one. This one is picked for a little piece of mind.









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