White Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are available in many colors orange, pink and white. Salt lamps are crystal salts which are found in the Himalayan region of Pakistan. They look amazing and some claims to have therapeutic effects on the body. Though it is not confirmed yet, they are a beautiful piece of decore lamp.

This almost pure white salt lamp is good looking, heavy, large & gave off enough light for it to also work as a nightlight. Tip to unpacking lamp without causing damage: An info sheet is included that warns the lamp might sweat if used in a damp room (it’s a natural product & as the bulb warms the salt, it may produce sweat) so please be aware of this- don’t turn it on without first protecting the surface etc.

White salt lamp vs pink salt lamp

White salt lamp Pink salt lamp
 Beautiful looking white color salt crystal  Beautiful looking pink color salt crystal
 white salt lamp claims to be healing, cleansing, and detoxification effect  pink salt lamp  stimulates emotion, love, and sense of partnership
100% rock salt crystal  %100 rock salt crystal
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Himalayan white salt lamp

Himalayan white salt lamp

Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt


Wooden Base


Cord with dimmer switch


Incandescent Bulb




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